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Popular Outfit Colors for Tree Farm Sessions

Updated: Sep 18, 2021

I know it's only the end of June, but our pre-sale Tree Farm Sessions have SOLD OUT, and it's all thanks to the enormous amount of love and support we receive from our Clients. This year, we have 2 dates fully booked, and are looking to add a third in a couple of months.

Taking a look at last year's Tree Farm Minis, we definitely noticed a pattern on what was popular in terms of color choices. If you've booked with us before, then you know that we always send out a Color Guide (and sometimes a Pinterest Board) to help our Clients plan for their Sessions. We've compiled a gallery of these colors, and hope that you find them helpful when shopping for your outfits.

The thing to remember about the Tree Farm (and our photography style) is how rich and vibrant all the colors will look. We love moody--yet vibrant--tones. When in doubt, just think of jewel-toned colors, and you'll be golden. This year, I'd love to see more mustards (I love yellows!!), pale blues, and various shades of creams and browns. If you need a second opinion, shoot me a text! I'm the best virtual shopper, and I'm always happy to take a peek!



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