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There are a million photographers, why should you invest in us?

There's no doubt in the insane amount of super-talented photographers in today's market, but we think that's a great thing. We think it's wonderful that our Clients have their pick of the best, and they still choose to work with us. In fact, it means everything to us when a Client chooses to invest in us, and in return, we invest ourselves right back into their experience.

We spend hours upon hours of our time deliberating with our Clients--months, weeks, and days leading up to their shoot. We help them choose outfits, and point them in the right direction when they can't decide. We suggest different locations, scope most of them out, and send photos so our Clients can feel secure and confident in their choices. We check in on them, make sure they know everything they need to know, and even inform them on things that may never even happen--we just really like to cover all our bases. 

We work hard to cultivate real relationships with our Clients, because you're never just that to us--a Client. The majority of our Clients come from referrals and are repeat customers, and you know what that says about us? That we don't just show up--we really, really, give a damn. And in the true fashion of re-investing back into our Clients, we always make sure our existing Clients pay a lower price, which is based on when their first investment began--we love you right back.

Still have questions? Shoot a text, FaceTime me, or call.

xo, Lana

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