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Glamis Adventure Engagement Session

Holy guacamole!!! All of my Glamis dreams came true this past weekend when Moe and I shot our first Adventure Engagement Session at the Glamis Sand Dunes.

Writing this makes me feel just a little less sad, mostly because it's June 8th, and today was the day Moe and I were supposed to be boarding a plane to Greece to celebrate our wedding anniversary.

The sun was so harsh when we arrived, which was fine because I always, always, plan in advance so I left us with plenty of time to arrive early, scope out the area, and get our couples comfortable. Since Maxine & Jade have shot with us before, (check out their Red Rock Engagement Session here:, they're super familiar with our process.

Moe had gotten back from a 24+ hour shift that day, and he didn't miss a beat. We packed the kids in the Jeep, and departed on our 4+ hour road trip. Our children are used to being on the road with us, but that's only because there's a lot of careful planning that's involved. Moe calls it "our process," but I'd like to think it's just lots of trial and error, and it really helps that our kids love adventures.

Booking an adventure session with us--or any session, for that matter--is really like getting the VIP experience. I am constantly in communication with my brides. I'm either sharing ideas, Pinterest boards, helping them shop for outfits, or getting to the nitty gritty of it: outlining every single detail. When Maxine and I decided on the location, I got to work and made sure I read an abundance of articles so that I could properly prep for our trip. They're very outdoorsy, so a lot of the things I asked them to bring with them on their trip was already in their possession, but aside from that, I wanted her to feel like we had a solid plan. Glamis can be a dangerous place if you're not prepared, and when you're traveling a long way, you don't get a second chance to take that perfect shot you came all that way for. That isn't to say we can't be flexible, we're just saying we like to do all the planning so you can relax and have the best time.

Since I talked so much about being prepared, here are some of the basic things I went over with them to make sure we had a fun (and safe) session.

1) We met them halfway there. We decided to meet in Coachella and caravan together. Although I sent her the exact location of where we would be shooting, I also came up with backup plans should our location be closed (which, in our case, it was so I'm glad we had plenty of time to revise our plans). We had radios to communicate, and this also came in super handy for us since our children were parked right next to where we shot.

2) People are in the dunes for recreation. If you've never been duning before, it's important that you make sure you do your research. Depending on when you're shooting, you will need to obtain a permit prior to entering. In addition to the legalities of it all, you should be driving with flags so that others can see you. Remember--they're going on a fast pace, zipping through the dunes, and you're very tiny when we're far away taking your photos. Safety is our number one concern, and yes--we will photoshop the flags right out of your pictures.

3) We made sure we packed EVERYTHING. I'm going to be blogging about the essentials we travel with when we go Jeeping, but for Glamis, it's important that you bring everything that will help another person pull you out if/when you get stuck. If you're traveling with us, you don't need to worry, we got you covered! From air compressors, to straps for towing, to extra water & even a portable potty--we make sure everyone's safe when adventuring with us.

Of course, even with all the planning, there were some things we weren't prepared for. When we arrived in Coachella, the wind kicked up so hard, I knew we would have to make sure the children stayed in the car. While we knew that the wind would be a huge factor, I didn't plan on literally ingesting it until we were already in the thick of it. I also mentioned earlier that the location we originally chose wasn't available to us, so I'm glad I thought of backup plans and prepped her beforehand, so they knew I had them covered either way.

This was definitely one of our most favorite sessions to date. We had a ton of fun chasing the sun with these two, and I can't wait to shoot in Big Sur with another set of lovebirds next month.

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If you still have questions about Glamis, or want to take a trip with us, reach out! We'd love to chat with you.


Lana & Moe



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