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Fresh 48 Lifestyle Photography--Hospital or Home?

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

Fresh 48--what's all the buzz?

A Fresh 48 is a lifestyle session that is shot within 48 hours of birth--it's essentially a session that documents and celebrates your baby's birth and your family's expansion.

Fresh 48's have become one of my favorite sessions to shoot, because it's so intimate in so many ways.

The biggest question I always ask Clients when they inquire about these sessions are: "Where would you like to have them done?" I, personally, prefer to shoot them at home, but there are certain times (like when a Client has had a c-section), where shooting at home just isn't an option. But, if there are options, let's explore those.

Option 1: Hospital Shoot

Are you a first-time-mom? If you're not, then you'll remember how exhausting it was to give birth and have constant visitors. Okay, I'll speak for myself when I say this--the only people I wanted visiting me were immediate family. I don't say that to be mean, I say that because it is so mentally, physically, and emotionally draining, and I really loved having a few days in the hospital to bond with baby before coming home. A few things to consider:

  1. What's your hospital policy? If you've done a tour of the hospital (or even if you haven't), you should definitely ask what their visitor policy is. Will you be allowed to have more than 2 people in the room with you? If you have other children, they won't be allowed to be in the session if your photographer plus partner are already in there, maximizing the limit.

  2. It's all about the light! Most hospital rooms are unforgiving in terms of lighting. Although there are plenty of rooms with great window lighting, the odds of this are pretty much out of your hands unless you know for a fact that every room in the maternity ward is equipped with big windows. Lighting isn't a big deal, I can travel with it, but that brings me to point number 3.

  3. How big is your room? If your room is small (and has bad lighting), we can still take photos there, but we will be pretty limited on space. I travel with lots of lighting, and have had instances where they have monopolized the entire room.

Where there are cons, there are definitely pros. The upside to a hospital session is how raw and emotive it will feel. Our style is very photojournalistic, and we live for the ugly cries. If that's your style and you care more about being in the moment and capturing things as they are, this shoot is definitely for you.

Option 2: In-Home Session

I love these, and for many reasons. I love that Clients are home, and that alone can sometimes make it a more comfortable session. I love that I can capture their early routines and all the things that make their house a home. I love that siblings, grandparents, and fur babies can be included.

Whenever we book a Session like this, we are always in constant communication with our Clients. We're constantly asking for updates--how you're doing, how's baby coming along, when are you leaving for the hospital? We do everything in our power to ensure that within 48 hours of you giving birth, we are right there in the thick of it to document this very special milestone.

But Fresh 48's aren't for everyone. You will not look supermodel thin. Your home might look messy. Your baby might cry nonstop. All of that is okay... Fresh 48's aren't meant to document how perfect everything is, at least that's not our take on it. We believe Fresh 48's are meant to capture your family at one of the most intimate and vulnerable times. No mom is going to look or feel super fabulous--most of us still look pregnant after we give birth, so if you're looking for absolute perfection, this session might not be for you.

Still have questions? Let's talk about it! Contact us today for pricing or any questions we didn't cover on this blog.

"Capturing candid & ugly cries..." -- Modesto & Lana Tavares

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