Let's get to know each other...


About me...

1) I’m a huge animal lover. It is my life-long goal to build a nonprofit animal clinic that would pair senior citizens with shelter animals. My vision is to provide free medical services for these animals, thus decreasing the amounts of shelter animals while increasing a senior citizen’s quality of life. 

2) Carbs. Are. Life. I’m forever hungry, thank God I can cook (insert ugly-cry).

3) I’ve been taking combat & tactical shooting classes for over 9 years. I know this is a touchy subject for some, but I am a huge advocate for women—specifically mothers—who are armed and able to protect themselves and their family. I believe that no law could ever interject a criminal’s actions when he chooses to commit a crime; the only crime prevention is the few extra pounds you decide to (legally) carry on your person. 

4) I’m a writer who could easily double as a comedian...except I’m the only one who laughs at my jokes. What can I say, I believe in myself. 🤷🏼‍♀️

5) Although I can scientifically disprove astrology, I CHOOSE to believe that being a Capricorn Sun and Aries Moon makes me one badass mother*****, and one of the reasons why I always strive to be the hardest worker in the room. 

About US...

You know how "I married my best friend" sounds super cliche? It is, but I really did.

I know they say "opposites attract," but we're literally like the same person--and I really love that about us. Our first "official" date was on February 22nd, which is what our photography business is named after. 

We eloped in Belize in 2019, and it was perfect. We had started to plan a big production of a wedding, and we realized--we really wanted it to just be "our" thing. We hired an angel of a photographer who flew out with her boyfriend, and had the most beautiful ceremony at the Mayan Ruins. I was 11 weeks pregnant with our third at that time, and somewhere between the 90 degree weather (with 95% humidity) and the 4 layers of makeup my HMUA had caked on, I was dripping--with tears AND sweat--as I walked out to marry the love of my life. It was messy, but it was so...us.

Moe runs a full-time business as a Truck Broker, but has always sacrifice his time to be my right-hand man. Twice a year, we like to leave the country to hide from our children. We love them dearly, but taking time to be alone is what keeps us sane. Did we mention we have 3 girls?! We live in Fullerton with our 4 (also female) fur-babies--that means my poor husband is outnumbered 8-1. Yes, he is praying for a boy.

Our ideal clients are the ones who are wildly in love--the ones who are super down to explore, get messy, get emotional, and get real. It would also help if you had a sense of humor cus we're heeelarioussss! No, but really--we just love to laugh.

We truly believe that your wedding day is one of the biggest days of your life, and we feel it's important you find photographers you really connect with. We want to become friends and watch you go from "First Comes Love," to "Pushing Baby in a Baby Carriage." We LOVE, love, love what we do and are always striving to bring our best to each Session. I personally believe that finding the right photographer is a lot like dating--you have to meet and interact with a few before you know who's your "one." So even if we're not a good fit, I hope that we'll be able to point you in the right direction because everyone deserves to have photographs they'll still cry over in 50 years.