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Max + Jade, Intimate Backyard Wedding in San Clemente, by Lana Tavares, 222 Photography

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

Max + Jade rented AirBnB's in the SAME complex, which made it a breeze for Moe & I to split up and hang with each of them. So while I was with the girls, Moe was capturing the boys upstairs.

Are you swooning yet?

Before we snuck them away, we made sure to get photos with them & all their guests.

Once we got back to the reception, we made sure M+J had something to eat before what took place next...

We couldn't find any light these two shotgunned hard cider instead. Talk about kicking off the party right!

They shared the sweetest first dances with their loved ones, and there wasn't a dry eye in sight.

And before calling it a night, we made sure we gave them the perfect send-off.

Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Bartlett!!! Moe and I can't say this enough--we LOVE intimate weddings! We love this one especially, because I've known Maxine & her mom for years. Aside from being the most beautiful bride, Max + Jade share a connection that is so special to witness, and we're just so grateful they trusted us with their big day.

If you enjoyed this wedding album, check out their Adventure Engagement Session that we shot in Glamis (it's also being published by Munaluchi Bride Magazine in November of 2020!):

All the wonderful vendors that made this day happen:


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