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1 Hour Backyard Elopement

Yes--you heard right--I shot this in ONE hour.

I LOVE intimate weddings for the simple fact that there is a HUGE story to tell...and it isn't about the fancy decor, the food, or even the ring. It's about tiny moments I get to witness and capture that will forever tell your story.

The space was small, but we made sure we made time for a first-look.

The couple started off with a combining-of-sand ceremony, in which they took sand from two separate bottles and combined them into one--symbolizing the joining of their lives.

Following this, they had another traditional ceremony which were performed with the help of their closest family members.

And just like that, they were wed. We used the rest of the hour to take portraits with their guests.

And yes, we did all this in one hour.

I understand photography is an expensive investment, but when the cake has been eaten and the guests have bid you farewell, your wedding day is the one day you cannot recreate. How do you want your day to be remembered?

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