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Common question: “How do I know who the right photographer is for me?”⁣

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

You know...a lot of brides (and really, people in general) ask this question, but not everyone really takes a moment to take a deeper look. With the market being completely saturated (which isn’t a bad thing, because that means there are a TON of different options and choices for everyone), this is actually a very important question to consider when booking your vendor. ⁣

Here’s what I suggest:⁣

1) Figure out your budget is. Another great thing about the Photography market being saturated is that you'll find a wide range of packages and prices to choose from. While this sounds daunting at first, if you can figure out what your budget is that will give you a realistic look at who you can work with.

2) Make a list of photogs you love. Decide why you love them, reach out, and sit down to vibe them out. ⁣

3) Decide what YOUR style is. Did you know there are different Photography styles, not just in the way we edit, but in the way we capture? These styles are: Fine Art, Candid/Photojournalistic/Authentic, Editorial (inspired by fashion), Dramatic & Dark, and Traditional. Have you thought about what's important to you? Is it imperative that all your photos looked posed like an editorial cover, or do you prefer to have the day documented in a photojournalistic way? The BIGGEST reason why I hired our wedding photographer was because I loved her style--I loved the way she documented couples in a very intimate and authentic way, and that is something we've forever been striving to do for our Clients. I loved, therefore I trusted, her with our photos and she didn't lead us astray--our walls are covered with the most timeless memories that I will forever cherish. And let's be real--you'll only wear your wedding dress once, and after the cake has been eaten and the guests have all gone home, how else can you treasure your biggest day? 

4) Envision yourself in 20 years—what does your wedding album look like? Do you love the dark & moody, or the true-to-life photos? Do you want something timeless, or do you want what looks and feels vintage right now? I think a lot of people overlook this, but this is important stuff, too. ⁣When I was pinning ideas for my Engagement Session, there was a theme I kept coming back to (which is funny, because our wedding photographer and I do not share the same editing style)--what's yours?

5) What's the purpose of the Session? Did you know not all photographers offer you printing rights? This is especially important if you are looking to decorate your home, make a photobook, or send out postcards. This is a very important question to ask your photographer, because if you aren't granted printing rights you'll be bound to only printing through them.

Of course, there are more factors to consider—like budget, experience, and whether or not you actually vibe with your photographer—but these questions are definitely a good starting point when you’re starting to plan. If you’ve poked around on our page, you’ll know that Moe and I are lovers of candid moments; we live for the ugly-cries and the easy-to-miss moments in-between. While we absolutely love details and portraits, we also want to document your day in a very genuine way. We want you to be a guest at your own wedding when you look at hour album; we want you to see the whole event as we did. ⁣

Have questions? Let’s meet for coffee. Wedding planning is definitely stressful, but picking a photographer you love shouldn’t be. If we aren’t a good fit for one another, we’d love to at least have you leave more informed to make your decision when moving forward with someone else. 


Modesto & Lana

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