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Christine + Ben, Vow Renewal at the Neon Museum, Las Vegas, Nevada--by Lana Tavares, 222 Photography

I met Christine through one of my other brides, (Max + Jade, Intimate Backyard Wedding in San Clemente, by Lana Tavares, 222 Photography ( and we immediately bonded. Normally, Moe and I wouldn't take an event on a Sunday, but when Christine told me where her portraits were going to be, I couldn't help but say "yes."

Getting there didn't come without hiccups. Moe and I dropped our older kids off with his sister, and upon arriving at the airport...I realized I had forgotten my ID at home. Luckily, because I always plan with room for error, being early for our 7 am flight meant that we had ample time to go back home, switch out cars for a more comfortable ride, and leisurely drive to Vegas.

Christine & Ben didn't travel alone. Their entire wedding party made the trip out to Vegas, and together, we braved the desert heat and took photos midday.

Our next stop was Atomic Liquors. Guys--it was FREAKING dark in there, but I also learned an important lesson: Check with the bartender if your flash is indeed blinding them or not. My bad, bad.

We finished up at Atomic Liquors and headed over to Graceland Chapel where The King himself would remarry C+B. As soon as I saw their pink Cadillac, I was in love.

Happy 11-years, guys. Thank you so much for having me.




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