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Sam + John, Intimate Backyard Wedding in Agoura Hills, California, by Lana Tavares

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

"This was so meant to be!"

I chatted with Sam just days before her wedding. She was referred to me by a fellow photographer who was already booked for the day, and frankly--I could not be more glad that she was. I originally was going to take that afternoon off since I had 3 back-to-back boudoir sessions in the morning (and Moe and I are completely booked from now until the end of the year), but when Sam reached out, we connected instantly.

Sam told me about how they met, she explained why they had suddenly decided to wed in her parents' backyard, and why my work resonated with her. I instantly knew that this one of those sessions that would quickly become near and dear to my heart. On the day of their wedding, I cried. The love these two have for each other sincerely touched me and this, this is why I love micro-weddings & elopements.

Sam's dad presented her with the bouquet, and as he beamed with pride, he went on to tell me how precious she is to him.

Congratulations, Sam + John! I am so beyond honored to have been a part of the first day of your lives together.




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