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Intimate Micro-Mony at The Odyssey in Granada Hills, by Lana Tavares

A HUGE shout out to the wonderfully talented, Maricela Alicia of Alicia C Creative for coordinating this absolutely flawless micro-mony.

I'm still swooning over all the details, but I can't stop gushing about how lovely this evening was. We shot in harsh lighting, hours from sunset, with COVID limiting our guest count, but despite it all, it was absolutely perfect.

I arrived at their venue half an hour early. Normally Moe and I shoot all our weddings together, but lately, with all the micro-weddings, I've been shooting them by myself. While I really miss shooting next to him, shooting alone really gives me an added high--I have to be twice as good and think even faster on my feet--and if you know me, then you know I thrive under pressure.

With this particular wedding, Josh and Helen had only booked me for an hour and a half. Because our photography style is photojournalistic, I really missed not being able to capture more of the details that I normally would get to shoot if I had Moe with me. Shooting with Moe allows me to have full creative control, because I can count on him to nail the shots I need while I get creative with the shots I've envisioned. It also allows me to be at "two places at once," because I don't have to oscillate between capturing the bride and the groom's reaction, we each have a side we work until we come together for the first kiss.

Immediately after their ceremony, we continued with portraits of their guests. Because we were still two hours away from sunset, we unfortunately missed that gorgeous golden hour on Odyssey's patio. If you haven't dined here, I highly suggest making a visit. They are sister companies to Orange Hill, and the view is just as spectacular.

This entire micro-wedding was accomplished with a timeline of an hour and a half of photography coverage. If you have questions or would like help planning your own intimate wedding, give me a shout! If you're interested in working with the incredibly talented Maricela Alicia, she can be found at or She's also got a great Intimate Wedding Package that can be found on her page. And as always--let me know if I can help you in any way.

Happy planning, brides & grooms. COVID may have ruined your plans, but let me assure you--love is definitely not canceled.




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