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Sally + Steve are both healthcare professionals (Sally is a doctor), and I was so excited when they contacted me about shooting an engagement session at the beach. We exchanged emails back and forth, and once we booked her session, we couldn't wait for them to fly in from Colorado and make magic happen!


She wanted sunset portraits, which is darker than our normal style, but we absolutely love their vibes! I sent her my Color Guide & she found the most perfect dress from

We decided to shoot at Victoria Beach. which--for anyone who has ever been, is one of the most frequented beaches in South County. On the day of our session (Thursday), we were able to avoid most of the foot-traffic, but even for a weekday, there were probably 6 other photographers who were working at the same time. 

Steve had a bottle of champagne stashed in his bag, and we finished our session with one of the best Champagne Bottle Pop photographs I have ever taken. I'm so glad Moe and I had the opportunity to work with these two, and even more grateful that they chose to come all the way out to California. 

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