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Tony + Kasey, Grand Canyon Engagement by Lana Tavares, 222 Photography

Kasey + Tony came to the Grand Canyon during my birthday trip, and I couldn't be happier! When she first reached out to me about her Engagement, I was thrilled. I have been photographing her daughter for nearly a year now, and I love watching my families grow.

As we were planning, none of the locations really sounded appealing to her until I mentioned that we'd be at the GC and suggested she come. She took the idea and ran with it; it was like her vision finally had a foundation.

Shooting at the GC (and really, all places where travel & lack of reception is involved) requires a lot of planning. We talked about her vision for the Session, and I began by helping her plan their outfits. I sent her the dressmaker that crafted these gorgeous boho dresses, and she was in love. As for Tony, he was actually supposed to be in a button-down, but it had been forgotten in the car, but the walk back would've made him miss the Session entirely. Luckily, the shirt he wore underneath worked, and these two looked gorgeous against the beautiful backdrop as the sun was setting.

Prior to leaving, I made sure I drafted an itinerary, complete with detailed instructions and tips she would need on her trip. Being a mom and traveling with my family has helped me account for things others might miss, and I made sure to share all that with her as she was also traveling with her daughter. Luckily, because I am thoroughly prepared, despite not having any reception there, we met up without a hitch and began our adventure on the coldest January day. So while there was a very minor hiccup, our day went as smoothly as it possibly could, and it was definitely a success in my book.

Guys--you have no freakin' clue how FREEZING cold it was. By this time, the temperature had dropped below the mid 20's, and Moe and I still had about 40 minutes left of light.

Moe was so nervous about me slipping on the edge, and I have an awful habit of being so "in the zone," that I am unaware of my surroundings and thereby often losing my footing and tripping on things behind me (or getting stepped on in while everyone is dancing and losing my toe nails). I'm honestly only that clumsy on flat land, but try telling him that, haha.

We packed up after this last shot, and they rushed to put their clothes back on--can you blame them? I had layers on and was definitely feeling it. By this time the wind had picked up, and it was so cold, our fingers felt frost-bitten. I knew that the walk back would be pretty dark, so one of the items I asked them to pack was a flash light. The Grand Canyon is also full of wildlife, and while most of them are friendly, we took no chances when it came to being fully prepared, We began our walk back together--twenty feet apart--and said our good-byes at our cars.

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