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The Outskirts of Zion, Off-Roading Family Adventure Session

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

Utah was a dream come true! I know I always say that about all of my adventures, but that's only because I am seriously livin' my best life with all this traveling.

We left OC this past Thursday--a little before 6 in the morning--and made our way down the 91 with both kids riding in the back of our Jeep. It was our off-week with Thalia, so it was just Olivia & the baby.

We met the Andersons just outside of the trailhead. Our first adventure took us through a hidden trail about an hour away from Zion. We climbed rocks, went off-roading, and took every opportunity to get out of the car and explore. We took turns leading the way and discovered the most jaw-dropping sceneries.

We love to laugh (as I'm sure you've noticed), and that's definitely what you're in for if you're coming along with us. We also always encourage families to make time to have just photos of mom & dad. Yes, your kids are super important, but so is your bond.

Traveling with kids can be a little chaotic. We like to think that we help make their process super easy by creating a timeline, guide, and communicating every step of the way. We love doing this for our couples & families because we also travel with our own kids during these Sessions, and we want to be prepared for everything. This was our first time shooting an Adventure Session with a family (and not just a couple), so we made sure to go above and beyond while planning.

After about an hour and a half of exploring this trail, we made our way to Peekaboo Canyon. If you got lost like we did, make sure you're taking Trail # 106, and not 102. Both are gorgeous, but the former will take you where you need to be.

Peekaboo Canyon has very deep, very soft, sand. A 4x4 is not only encouraged, but necessary. Your vehicle must also have the clearance, and you must air down or you will get stuck. Luckily both of our vehicles are lifted, so the first thing we did was air down to about 20 PSI.

One of the things that we take into consideration when planning for our Clients is where their priority lies. Because the Andersons preferred the Canyons over Zion, we made sure that we shifted our focus there. The plan was to capitalize on the scenery at the Canyons and drive over to Zion with whatever time we had left. As we began to lose sunlight, it became apparent that Zion was out of the question as it was still over an hour away. But like true adventurers, we kept exploring and stumbled upon a deer-inhabited meadow that offered the most gorgeous lighting and scenery to end our day.

The Andersons spent a total of 5 hours with us on this Adventure, and we couldn't have asked for a better family to explore Utah with. We said our good-byes and watched them drive off while we aired up our tires.

Once the sun rose the next day, we were off to pick up our newest addition--a 2020 Jayco Redhawk from Camping World St. George. We are so thrilled to be proud owners of this baby, and we'll be breaking her in this September on our family trip to Joshua Tree. We've already booked an Adventure Session for that trip, but would love to go on another adventure with you. If you'd like to hang, reach out--let's start planning!


Lana & Moe

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Sep 22, 2022

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