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The Apostols at Sunset

Jamie and I have been planning this Session for over half a year, and when we finally got to meet, we instantly connected.

Anyone who has ever shot with me will tell you two things: I overdeliver and I am FULLY invested.

From the very moment you book, our work begins right away. Being your photographer isn't just showing up and clicking a button, I invest time into planning with you. From the outfits/colors I help you pick out, the location planning, to helping you understand and manage realistic expectations of your children--it's all done out of love, and a passion to deliver to you the kind of service I would hope for myself. I pour my heart and soul into this business because I am here and I am present for you. I kid you not, NOTHING feels better than meeting someone you've virtually gotten to know and it turns out they're every bit as awesome as you thought they would be, AND they're as excited to work with you as you are to work with them.

Guys, I am literally living the dream.

Meet the Apostols.

Jamie started to call me the Golden Hour Queen after we shot together, and honestly, I was so flattered, I wanted to cry. This Session was just so perfect, and it's families like theirs that help me keep my dream alive. Thank you Jamie, Ray, & Rowan--I am so grateful for you.



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