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Luka Turns 4, Sunset Beach Portraits by Lana Tavares, 222 Photography

I often get asked: “What do you do if my kids aren’t having it??”

If you’re a mom, you know this much is true: Photoshoots are STRESSFUL. Even if you’re excited, it’s still on you to buy outfits, corral the clan, and incessantly bribe. While there’s a lot we can do—I can help you plan outfits, color-coordinate, and give you tips on how we can best prepare—there is always one variable that has a mind of its own: your child(ren).

So here’s the thing with photoshoots (and life, really): You can wait for the storm to pass, or you can learn to dance in the rain.

While I will ALWAYS do my best to get your kids to cooperate, sometimes it’s better to get on their level & play with them. You may not have the “picture perfect” poses that you want, but what you get will be so much more: memories, laughter, and photos you’ll always look back on and love.

And really—what’s more important than that?

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