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Kim + Jeremy's Maternity Session in Joshua Tree, by Lana Tavares, 222 Photography

The desert was SO hot this weekend, but the momma was even hotter.

Kim + Jeremy got engaged in Joshua Tree, so it was serendipitous that the only day we were available to shoot their maternity session, we both happened to be in the same area! Talk about "meant-to-be." Check out this stunning momma below:

Normally, I advise my Clients not to wear black because your shape does tend to get lost in it, but in this case, because it was very form-fitting, it was very complimentary against the colors of the rocks, and we positioned in poses that counteracted what black tends to do when it's un-patterned. As you can see, she looked amazing!

It was the perfect ending to our weekend in Joshua Tree, we seriously couldn't have asked for better Clients or lighting.

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Lana & Moe

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