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Kat in Kona, Hawaii Adventure Session by Lana Tavares, 222 Photography

What the heck is an adventure session?!

My plane landed in Kona at 12:40 in the afternoon on Monday. I hurried to @enterprise where I picked up a Jeep for my travels. I’m feeling a mixture of hunger & exhilaration at this point; the humidity in Kona is thick, I haven’t taken my mask off in hours, and we were all subjected to a secondary test. I don’t mind, I actually like that they are keeping everyone safe. Hawaiians proudly boast that theirs is the safest of all the states and after being there for a couple of days, I can see why.

It takes me half an hour to get to my Airbnb. I check in, unload my bags, and set out again. I grab some quick takeout (which turned out to not be so quick), and headed for Hilo.

Then it rained.

It wasn’t quite a downpour yet—as my client’s cousin puts it: “it’s spitting,” as in the clouds are “spitting,” (or drizzling). The further I drove, the more it came down. I drove through the roads of Hilo, all the way around the island, through a flood (because it was dark and I couldn’t see). Let me tell you: A Jeep will wade through several feet of water, all you have to do is stay calm. Check out the video at the end of this blog to see some surreal scenery as the rain came down.

I passed through the forest, made my way through—and around—the entire island, and then called my client to reconvene. We couldn’t shoot where we had originally planned for, but because I had spent an entire day scoping and researching, I had backup plans for our backup plans.

I picked her up a little after 7 in the morning the following day. Making our way to our destination, every time I saw a spot that sparked the artist in me, we pulled over and hopped out. We shot and explored until 4 that afternoon. Our day was full of laughter, sweat (a ton of sweat), and memories neither of us will forget. Adventure Session is just that—an adventure. It’s well-thought-out-but-has-room-for-flexibility Session. We roamed most of the island that day, formed a newfound friendship, and ate to our hearts’ delight, and I can honestly say I had the best time. She and her cousins took me out to dinner that same night and the following morning, I packed my bags at 4 to head back home.

Can you believe this is a real job?


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