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Elliana's Sunset Smash Cake Session, Orange County Family Portraits by Lana Tavares, 222 Photography

Cake and sunsets--need I say more?

Mom and dad explained that this was supposed to be the theme for her baby shower, but as the theme with all things pandemic, it didn't quite pan out the way they had hoped. Instead, we are now celebrating her first birthday, and I can't think of a cuter set.

And if you're thinking: "Omg--this is EVERYTHING," hold my whiskey.

YUP. Mom and Dad brought along four of their rescue pups, and I DIED.

Okay, so fair warning--If you're going to attempt photos with fur babies (especially if you have more than one), you must go into knowing you're probably not going to get one with EVERYONE smiling...unless you're lucky.

Just call me Lady Luck.

And just when I thought this night couldn't get any brought out a cake.

Happy birthday, sweet girl. Thank you for letting me a part of such a big milestone.



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