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222 Photography was founded on a dream; it's entire entity is dependent on the single belief that, "if you do what you love, the money will follow." It was birthed from a breakup with a stable job that I held for nine years--a job that I gave my blood, sweat, and tears for. It emerged from the sheer determination to rise; to work 80 hours a week for myself so that I could avoid working the normal 40 for someone else. 

It is curated from the calloused hands of an overworked and underappreciated single mother. It is an outcry for creativity, to create a business that will under-promise and over-deliver...a business I hope will both move and impress you.

My story? My story is simple. I'm an Orange County girl whose passion for writing and photography brought me to where I am today. The in-between doesn't matter as much as the moving-forward part of my journey--but today isn't about my journey, it's about yours.

So let's talk--how can I tell your story?

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