Tips on Engagement Photos:

1. Have you hired a makeup artist? Use your engagement session as a great excuse to have your trial makeup done. After all, you don’t want the first time that artist to work on you to be the day-of. This will give you an idea of how that artist’s work will “hold up” during your big day.

2. Dress up! While I absolutely believe comfort is key, dressing up for your engagement session is super important, too. Oftentimes with weddings, we don’t always capture 100% of the looks we want because of the hustle and bustle, and engagement sessions are a much more laid-back way to really capture your connection. Wear a dress, make it flowy, I promise to make him twirl you. 


3. Be prepared to get down & dirty. I will usually bring a blanket depending on the terrain, but you can absolutely expect to get candid shots of raw emotions as you’re intertwined. If you want to hop in the water, I am all for it! Want to hike? Let’s go! Wanna roll around on the ground and giggle? I am so there! The point is this: we want to capture everything that is “you.” Don’t think of it as “posing,” think of it as me shouting out cues, and you’re just naturally reacting to them. It’ll be fun, promise. 

4. Colors!!! Colors are so important! I personally love neutral colors, but as long as what you are wearing isn’t clashing with your environment, we are a-okay. Need help with colors? Let’s chat some more. I can offer insight on how skin tones, clothing, and scenery will go together in post-production editing. 

5. Have funnnnnnn!! Your engagement session should be totally FUN! I want you to look back and ugly-cry at the photos because not only did you have fun, you commemorated your relationship in a way that is unique to you. Engagement sessions can be taken anywhere: your first date, your favorite place, your home, etc. 


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