Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why are your prices so low?

A. My prices don't reflect my work, and I hope you can tell that by browsing through my galleries. My prices are competitive because I'm working to build lasting relationships with my clients, and when photography is affordable, more families will get to enjoy quality work to display and treasure. I have plans designed to fit every budget and need.

Q. When should I expect my edits?

A. Typically, edits are delivered within the same day--I say "typically," because if you book early enough in the day, I edit in-between my sessions. In some cases (as with longer sessions), you can expect them within 24-48 hours. It's atypical for me to deliver them any longer than that, because I obsess over my work and I'm probably more excited about delivering them to you than you are about receiving them (although I hope not, let us be equally excited).

Q. How would you describe your style?

A. My style is pretty eclectic; it depends on the mood and feelings you are conveying. I am a HUGE fan of candids--mostly because I can be painfully shy and awkward in front of the camera--and I love the those little moments. Some of my best work are candids and portrait photography, but that isn't to say I can't give you what you're looking for. I think communication is key, and in order for me to deliver what you need, clear communication is crucial.

Q. How many edits should I expect?

A. Please take a look at my booking information. The amount of edits you will receive will reflect on the package you book. I am a huge believer in under-promising and over-delivering, so the amounts that you see are the minimums you can expect. 

Q. What should I wear???

A. Please don't go out and buy a new outfit! Photography sessions work best when you are relaxed and comfortable. While you can purchase a new outfit, your level of comfort and confidence will radiate through your facial expressions and body language, so I always advise going with what you can move around (and feel fabulous) in.

Q. I've never posed before, what if I'm not good at this?

A. That's okay! I double as a comedian--just kidding. You honestly don't need "posing experience" so much as you do faith in me. I work very quickly, and chances are when you didn't think anyone was looking, I already snapped ten shots of your candid expressions. The thing about photography isn't so much about how fancy your camera is, how good your model is, or any of that. It's about seeing a vision and bringing it to life through manipulation of the lenses and subject placement--this is why it's important that you feel you can communicate with me. 


Q. Okay! I'm ready to book! What's next?

A. Click on the Booking Info tab, call, email, or text me. Once we discuss the details of your shoot, I will send you a contract outlining what we discussed. After the contract is signed by the both of us, a retainer is required to secure your spot. Payments can be made in person, through Zelle, Venmo, or PayPal. 

Q. Retainer? Why do you need a retainer?

A. A retainer offers both you and I the added comfort in knowing we will both communicate thoroughly and efficiently with one another. Similar to a deposit, a retainer serves as a fee you pay (in advance) to secure your desired time-slot. Although non-refundable, 100% of it is applied to the total cost, and I do allow for rescheduling if it is communicated at least 24 hours before your scheduled shoot. 

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